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Pokemon Sales Post


Eeveelution pins: 30 each OBO

Up for trade for other EX/GX's! Will put on prices if everyone is interested in buying.

tin.jpgeeveelution tins.pngtins.jpg
Tins - 5 each OBO
Real images can be provided upon request

Sleeves - up for trade for sleeves I don't have!

Lot of 70 TCG codes (many different sets - from tins, boxes, regular card packs, etc)
30 OBO, multiple sets available

Premium Collection box - 5 OBO
Set of contents (as shown, let me know if you want specific count of the sleeves) - 15 OBO

Pins: top row: 3$, next two rows: 2$, bottom two rows: 1$
I share this small pin collection with my sister - some of these may have been sold or given away. I will have to double check but let me know if you're interested in any!

Wailord GX: 4$ OBO
Others sold

Team Valor tshirt - Female, size small

Lot of 100 TCG - cards are all legit and in like-new condition; rare and reverse holo included. Sets range from really old ones to brand new ones.
15$ shipped

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013
I ship from NY
Please give up to two weeks for me to ship (it'll usually just be a few days though)
No returns and I'm not responsible if something gets lost in the mail
"Shipped" price applies to US only
Shipping starts at 3.00 for US and 5.00 for international
Do not delete comments, and if you commit you have to go through with the purchase or negative feedback will be left
Payment due within 48 hours, unless I agree to do a hold. Negative feedback will be left if you don't pay
I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone due to bad feedback, bad personal experience, etc

PERLER SALES HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace
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