4th Year Anniversary and Reintro <3

Hi everyone! I've recently passed my fourth year anniversary here on the comm, so I thought I'd do a little reinto, with a look at my collection <3

So first off all, I have been collecting since 2005. I started when I was in primary school- I'm a little bit hazy on what exactly started my passion, but I do remember getting my first three Pokemon cards from a kid on the bus home from school. (If I remember correctly, the cards were a Phanpy, Donphan, and Abra lol). Soon after that, my dad took my to Toys R Us where I got my very first Pokemon - Pikachu! And that was the start of the long road of collecting.

Here's a look at my collection from 2006!

collection start.jpg

And here's a little piece of what it looks like now in 2016 (you can double click to enlarge):



One thing about my current collection is that I really don't have room to display it all. I like a neat and clean room, so about 60% of my plush are under my bed in boxes, and around 50% of my figures are in a shelf in my closet :( Once I have my own place, I will make sure everything is displayed. I've also actually stopped collecting plush (with a few exceptions here and there) so at least this problem won't be getting any larger lol.

I've also found pictures from different times in my life with me and my Pokemon- it's funny seeing evidence of how I've grown with them always being a part of my life. If you'd like to see, I have some pics under the cut c:

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I've made tons of amazing friends over my four years here on the comm, but for those of you who don't know me, here are some basic facts (both Pokemon themed and real life) c:

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Lastly I'd just like to say thank you to all the mods for making the comm a safe, friendly, and organized place, and a thank you to all my friends, buyers, and sellers who have made my stay on the comm absolutely fantastic. Love you guys!

Collection Updates!

These are my side collections! If you see tape reflecting from the camera/light it's because a good number of these are hanging up :)
Here's a bit about my collecting style~ I've never really had side collections until recently. Before that, I'd buy basically whatever catches my eye. However, as of late I've purchased almost all of the official plush/figures I want, aside from some misc plush and grails. I love commissioning customs, so I figured I might as well choose specific Pokemon to commission since I obtained plush/figures of all my favorite Pokemon by this point. So these side collections are basically now being used to commission specific plush x3 I have way more "potential" side collections, for example I have 61 Pikachu's around, but since I don't really want more merch of him I'm not gonna post him here. I also don't collect these just to complete the collection, if that makes sense. The only Pokemon that I care about completing would be Furret plush and Sceptile plush, and I'm only missing one of each~

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Currently waiting for:

Mightyena pokedoll
Houndoom pokedoll
Houndoom poketime plush
Houndoom 2ft tall plush
Houndoom felt plush
Houndoom amiguri plush
Houndoom chibi amiguri plush
Laying Espeon plush
Furret large amiguri plush
Custom Furret figure (and I have another one not yet pictured)
Latias zukan figure
Bayleef small amiguri plush
Several Houndour/Houndoom TCG
Celebi puppet plush

I think that's it? xD

And here are my May and N collections :)

Card Doubles for Trade

These are my cards for trade- if interested please link the photo that the card is on! Sorry for the blurryness of some pics, I'll try to fix those asap :c Click on the pics for bigger images.

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Status of trades:

J_ule: Shipped
Shinamisi: Shipped
Diamondphantom: Shipped
Elcardenal12: Shipped
Drzoidburger: Shipped
M14mouse: Shipped
Aceattorneygirl: Shipped
Shadowpokgengar: Shipped
Shadoweon: Shipped

All cards came from store packs or trades, so most should be legit. However I do not have extensive knowledge about cards and can't always tell if a card is fake, so please ask for closeups if you have concerns. I DO NOT take responsibility if you accidentally get a fake card and didn't check with me beforehand. Condition ranges from good to mint unless otherwise stated.

Anime Collection!!

anime collection

Here's a sneak peak at my anime collection, that pretty much makes up my closet xD
Click on the images if you want bigger pics~

two shelves

These are the two big main shelves! Not everything in my anime collection is anime, just an fyi lol
Top shelf is my Rozen Maiden figures and Harry Potter books/movies, along with Miku and Madoka~ Bottom shelf has a lot of Tokyo Mew Mew, Hetalia, and Vampire Knight, since those were my favorite shows when I got into anime and this was the first shelf I made. I still like all of these shows, but I'm not really into Hetalia and Vampire Knight anymore. Tokyo Mew Mew will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first anime <3 Of course there is a smidge of Vocaloid there too, Vocaloid ended up in almost all of my shelves xD
I've also got two Black Rock Shooter and two Sword Art Online nendoroids there, those are more recent.


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This is my second shelf! It's really a mix of my different stages of "I like this anime." Lots of Hetalia and Madoka Magica, plus of course Doctor Horrible, Jaime from Game Of Thrones, Buffy from BTVS, Mako from Kill la Kill, and the three Sword Art Online girls.

shelf4 shelf4(2)

This is the shelf above the previous one. It's probably one of my favorites, especially since my Pullip dolls are on it (with the exception of one that's on another shelf xD)
This is my only shelf with Fullmetal Alchemist stuff on it, but that's actually one of my favorite shows haha. Then there's some Doctor Who Stuff (I named the Dalek, he is now called Dalek Jo), some Vocaloid and Madoka Magica stuff, Jupiter from Sailor Moon, and Arya from Game of Thrones. Btw, if anyone can translate the Watamote strap I have hanging up, I'd love you forever XD
The flash on the camera made the dolls look really crappy, so if you want to see some more accurate pretty pics I have them Collapse )


This is the shelf that is blocked by the wall, so you can't see it unless you go into the closet or stand at a different angle. It's my newest shelf, but I'm currently having another made to go above this.
Some of the Amnesia figures are blocked because of the camera angle, but you can usually see them perfectly. I love that show, it got me into the reverse harem genre which is now one 60% of what I watch xD
As you can see this shelf is mostly Madoka Magica and Vocaloid, with the exception of Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa, Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, Captain John Hart from Torchwood, Kaname from Vampire Knight, all my Amnesia guys, Giroro from SGT Frog (I normally don't watch this kind of stuff, I swear) and Caren from Fate Stay Night (Haven't seen this show yet, oops...)
And then I've got Vincent and Break from Pandora Hearts hanging up along with Charlotte from Madoka Magica.


And here's my newest shelf! It is also blocked by the wall, but it's a level higher than my colorful shelf. I'm gonna add more stuff to it eventually, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It has all my newest things beside my Pandora Hearts straps, figures, and keychain figures (which I still need to find a place for)~ The keychains are Tiki, Kjelle, and Laurent from Fire Emblem Awakening. The three nendoroids are Marissa from Touhou, Aoba from Dramatical Murder, and Shinku from Rozen Maiden. The flash on my camera is messing with the colors a bit but they're all legit xD Then I have my first and only figma, Ryuko from Kill la Kill and Shiki from Togainu no Chi (I had a slight yaoi phase this summer, but it's over now XD). The figures on my books are all from BTVS; I've got 1970's Spike, and two vampire/doppelganger Willow's. And lastly there's my Pullip doll who I named Janus c:


I also made mini shelves for a few figures/plush on the wall of my closet. The first box has Junko and Naegi from Dangan Ronpa plus Oz and Gilbert from Pandora Hearts. The tap is clear and not usually visible, but flash messed with it a bit :P Second box has Sanosuke from Hakuoki, and Rob from Game of Thrones~ Rob was a random box get btw, I was hoping for Dany or a wolf xD


And last but not least, I have a few pics of Vic Mignogna posted on the other side of the wall! I get a pic for every year I see him at Roccon ^w^


I've also got a few figures/plush on my desk and bed, but I'll edit this post with them later.

And that sums up pretty much all of it! I didn't include my flats, they're stored away at the moment. For anyone that is curious, these are my anime/non-anime things that are currently waiting to be displayed:

Two different Spike figures (BTVS)
Buffy figure (BTVS)
Spike doll-figure thing (BTVS)
Sharon figure (Pandora Hearts)
Alice figure (Pandora Hearts)
Oz figure (Pandora Hearts)
Gil figure (Pandora Hearts)

May Collection~

Just a little side collection that formed out of no where xD



may keychain


mayfiguremay custom figuremayfiguremaycharm2


may plushmay5.jpg

Need to photograph: Several books and stickers xD

XY and Sun/Ultra Moon Trainer OC Commission Info

Pokemon Y:

Hair color: Serena's default color (honey blond)
Eye color: Green
Hat color: Navy blue (NOT BLACK) with pink
Pants color: Darkish blue
Shirt color: Light green
Bag color: Pink
Shoe color: Black with pink

I can provide more close-ups if needed!

Espeon (Anya)
Greninja (Giles)
Talonflame (Tara)
Venasaur (Wesley)
Pikachu (Riley)
Aurorus (Xander)

Name theme: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Collapse )


Pokemon X:


Heliosk (Arya)
Pidgeot (Drogo)
Blastoise (Gendry)
Delphox (Baelish)
Roserade (Shae)
Umbreon (Gared)

Name theme: Game of Thrones

Collapse )


Pokemon Sun:

Decidueye (Wilson)
Midday Lycanroc (Chase)
Alolan Ninetales (Thirteen)
Corsola (Cameron)
Crobat (House)
Alolan Raichu (Kutner)

Name theme: House

Collapse )


Pokemon Ultra Moon:

More can be provided upon request! Notice that the hat has a grey section and a black section (both on top and underneath). It's a little hard to see from the pics - the front section of the top is grey and the back section is black with a small grey piece.

Primarina (Klaus)
Arcanine (Stefan)
Lilligant (Caroline)
Alolan Raticate (Enzo)
Mimikyu (Kai)
Goodra (Matt)

Name theme: Vampire Diaries

Commission Examples:



(captions for these commissions to be added later)

~2 Year Plush Collection Update~ (Journal Backup)

Hi guys <333
So my two year anniversary is coming up on the comm and I decided to make a plush collection update to celebrate xD When I first joined here I had a large collection already, but thanks to all you wonderful people I think it must have doubled at the very least!

Quick background- I started collecting when I was six and got most of my plushies from local stores. I did order things from ebay and amazon but it was normally only for special occasions like my birthday. My dad started going to NYC on business trips when I was in elementary school and since his office was right across from Nintendo World, he brought me back a whole ton of pokedollls. Once I reached middle school I started buying more and more online, and during the summer of 8th grade I came across this comm. After that happened, my passion for collecting only grew <3 I remember the first sales post I saw was __sasami__'s, and after I bought some kids from there I was hooked XD My love for Pokemon never waivered even once and this coming September will be my tenth year of Pokemon collecting!

I've made a ton of new great friends here and I'd just like to thank you all for being so awesome :DDD

Anyway, here's my plush collection! I have hundreds of figures too... but I didn't photograph them ^^;; This will proooobably be my last or second to last post this month but in August I'll show off my flats and all the custom plush and figures I have too!

Teaser Pic:


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Have any questions about the plush or anything else? Feel free to ask! I know the brand and everything of 98% of these guys <3