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Favorite Pokemon from each Region



Pikachu: My all time favorite Pokemon! When I was little Ash was kinda my role model, and when I played with my friends I was sometimes Ash with my Pikachu plush~ Plus Pikachu was my first plush, so he kinda started my love for Pokemon <3

Eevee: I kinda related to Eevee in a way, as weird as that sounds. I have different talents in different areas, and I have absolutely no clue what I want to do with my future and college and all that, despite everyone pushing me in different directions. It reminds me of Eevee and all of his evolutions. Plus you have to admit, despite how annoying his popularity is, some of the merch we've gotten is absolutely perfect~

Scyther: He's just so awesome! I tend to like Pokemon that are kinda slick or sharp... which I realize does not make any sense, but I'm not sure how else to word it XD

Vulpix: So cute! This is one of those Pokemon that I'd totally keep as a pet or something rather than battling (then again, why not both?) I'm secretly hoping for an I <3 Vulpix line of merch... ahaha

Sandslash: Same reasoning as Scyther xD And Sandshrew is a cutie too~

Cubone: I could relate to him a lot when I was in primary/elementary school, since I was suuper shy and although I had people around me all the time, I always felt alone. My personality did a 180 since then and I can't relate anymore, but he's still one of my favs!

Charizard: He really doesn't need a description; if you don't think Charizard is amazing there's something wrong XD

Jolteon: Going along with why I love Eevee, I think Jolteon is the eeveelution that is most like me, at least personality wise ^w^

Bulbasaur: He's just such an adorable little guy <3 If it wasn't for Charizard, I would have picked him as my Kanto starter.



Umbreon: In middle school I could relate to this Pokemon a lot, as I was a little anime weeb who liked all things dark and felt all lonely and deep. I'm happy to say that I outgrew that very quickly xD Kind of like with Cubone I don't really relate much to this Pokemon anymore, but I still love it.

Bayleef: She's always been one of my favorite starter evo's, partly because of her role in the anime ^^ Also she's a grass type, so I can't not like her <3

Corsola: I fell in love with this Pokemon when Misty caught one. I just love her face and voice and little smile, ahhh <333

Espeon: She's always been my favorite eeveelution, aside from a brief time when it was Umbreon. I liked her ever since I saw Annie's Espeon in Pokemon Heroes... I don't really know why though.

Furret: Honestly, I have no clue why I suddenly became obsessed with this little guy. There was no reason, seriously. I just woke up one day and realized what a cutie he was xD

Houndoom: I looove dogs, so of course I love this guy~ I became more interested in him when I started really liking Mightyena, and since then I've been commissioning quite a few sculptures and plush xD Being a dark type is a plus too.

Larvitar: Another Pokemon that reflects my personality from when I was younger. Maybe even a bit now, depending on how you look at him. Are you starting to notice a trend here? xD

Phanpy: Eeeee everything about him is so perfect <3 Like Corsola, I started becoming interested in him after his anime appearance on Ash's team.

Celebi: Definitely in my top 20 Pokemon, Celebi has been a favorite since childhood. If I wanted to be a Pokemon I'd definitely consider being a Celebi~ Grass/Psychic is one of my favorite dual types and I looove nature, especially forests, which seems to be where Celebi's live lol. And if the Celebi movie didn't make you cry when you were under ten years old you have no heart ;A;



Treecko Line: The coolest grass type evo line <3 Or just coolest any type line tbh :P Sceptile is the one who stands out the most to me, and my goal is to collect all official plush that exist of him. So far I'm only missing the pokedoll, which is a holy grail of mine. I also love Treecko (especially after getting the 1:1 plush) and Grovyle is just kinda along for the ride xD Although I gotta say, his role in the mystery dungeon series was fantastic.

Latios/Latias: They're in the same boat as Celebi, being childhood favorites. Pokemon Heroes is also one of my favorite movies, and the city shown in the movie is exactly the kind of place I want to live in though I'll have to give up on that dream unless I spontaneously move to Europe... There's also an air of freedom around them, if that makes any sense? That's one of the reasons I love bird pokemon too; for them, sky's the limit. If I were a Pokemon, I'd really really enjoy having wings, haha.

Zigzagoon: Another cutie~ I haven't really loved him until recently, and I think it's honestly partly due to his sprite in Pokemon ORAS. I mean seriously, look how adorable that is <3

Chimecho: The thing I love most about this Pokemon is its voice, it really lives up to its name ^w^ She's another childhood fav.

Masquerain: The exact same thing that happened with Furret happened with this one... I can't explain it >.>

Mightyena: Definitely in my top 10 or 20 favs <333 Largely due to my OC Mightyena! And I know he's supposed to be a hyena or something, but he's a dog. Admit it.

Plusle/Minun: They're such little fluffy cuties <3 Their role in the Rayquaza movie was the most adorable thing I've ever seen, and the two Hasbro plush were some of the first plush in my collection ^w^

Skitty: More or less same as Plusle/Minun, and kitties are the best in general. Delcatty is super great too x3

Swellow: Bird Pokemon are pretty incredible to me, and Swellow has my favorite look out of them all.

Swablu: The same as Furret and Masquerain, but to a lesser degree. Who doesn't like cloud birds? xD



Leafeon: I love the nature look about her! I wasn't a huge fan of this Pokemon at first, but I appreciated her much more after a while. Plus along with Jolteon, she definitely makes up part of my personality.

Mismagious: To be honest I don't know if I'd call her one of my favorite Pokemon... maybe just compared to the other Sinnoh pokemon. She is very cool though, and the pokedoll is probably one of my favorites from that line.

Manaphy: Again, she's only one of favorites compared with other Sinnoh pokemon, but I do really like her nonetheless. I loved May's and Manaphy's relationship in the Pokemon Ranger movie, and she's a real cutie too.



Whimsicott: She's a little grass type fluff ball, who could ask for more? I have quite a few items of her, though I don't know if I have quiiite enough to call her a side collection ^^

Maractus: She's so happy and floopy! I think Maractus got really overlooked by pokefans, but look how perfect she is :D

Petilil line: Again, cute little grass types <3

Snivy: I wasn't suuuper into Snivy at first to be honest, I originally liked Oshawott better. But after playing as Snivy in PokePark 2 and getting two huge Snivy plush, I fell in love! Her evolutions are pretty rad too, though I do like the first stage the best.



Vivillion: I've always thought butterflies were super pretty, so Vivillion was a super nice surprise in this gen~ I'm not sure if I like her more than Butterfree and Beautifly, but I definitely think she's the most unique out of them all! My favorite patterns are meadow, garden, marine, and tundra x3

Greninja: He's up there with Sceptile and Charizard with coolest starter evo's! I think he's actually my second favorite out of the three. He's so refined and everything about him is just so... cool. I don't really have another word for it xD I think he's the reason I chose Froakie over Fennekin in my first playthrough of XY, although I do have to say that even though Frogaider is quite overlooked, he's almost just as awesome 0w0

Skiddo: Another cute little grass type :D He has such a sweet personality based on his look, and the sleeping Skiddo's in XY made me squeal <3

Carbink: Ahhh he's so pretty <333 I love the blue eyes that this guy has, along with the little ears! I think Diancie stole all the attention away from him though ;w;

Gourgeist: For whatever reason as much as I like Pumkpaboo, his evo always stood out more to me :3 I think it may be because of the very slight human features to him- they don't overdo it and it really adds to the pokemon in my opinion. Plus I got a Gourgeist plush for my 16th birthday a few months ago and I love him to death <3

Meowstic: Male Meowstic's color scheme is super nice in my opinion, plus he's a psychic kitty~ He also seems very french to me, just by looks (though that may be mostly thanks to his elegant female counterpart) and since Kalos is more or less France, I really love that about him xD

Noibat: Noivern is pretty awesome, but let's not forget about his absolutely perfect pre-evo <3 Like butterflies and birds, I do love bats quite a bit, so this little dude really really made my day when he came out~

Phantump: I think what drew my attention to Phantump was how Pumpkaboo stole the spotlight from him xD But I LOVE his dual type, along with the design and pokedex entry. I've actually started a side collection of him, though so far I only have two custom plush, one of his very very pretty shiny form <3

Amaura: I grew to like him a lot after having one on my Y team, and since then I haven't been able to get over his cuteness <3 I mean seriously, look how pretty his color scheme and eyes are!!


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Apr. 3rd, 2015 12:28 pm (UTC)
I read that entry again because I love it so much ^^

I liked your descriptions of the Pokemon you felt a special connection to in your past like Cubone or Umbreon. I have to say, I still often feel like this even though I'm 24 u_u Maybe that's why I think Cherrubi kind of is a bit like me. Oh and I always thought I am a bit like Oddish for some reason lol.

I have to say, I also listed Noibat for my favorites of gen6, but do you know the feeling when you somehow can't really connect to a Pokemon? ._. I know it sounds sooo strange, but I always have the feeling Noibat "doesn't like me" T_T I know this sounds super strange because he's just some pixels on a screen but it's just the feeling I get. o_o But I want him to like me ;__; xD I am really strange, I know, but that's how I've always felt. Buuut I still like him. And at least Noivern likes me ;_; lol

I have a Greninja now in AS because I got a Froakie via wonder trade! And I looove him <33 He is such a cool member of my team, just the way he looks when he uses surf with that standing up pose and then going down again as though he was commanding the water, aaaah that's so cool oWo
(But Idk, I can't connect to Froakie for some reason...)

I have to say I am beginning to warm up to Snivy too I have the feeling. I really didn't like him AT ALL first... I thought his evolutions were cooler, and I didn't like the face and the eyes for some reason. But now I begin to like him actually. I think when I play B&W someday (hopefully soon) I'm gonna chose Snivy. I'd love to chose Tepig instead, but I don't wanna evolve him because I hate his evos ;_;
Apr. 3rd, 2015 08:29 pm (UTC)
Those are the most special Pokemon to me :) Cherrubi and Oddish are such cuties, they need more love ;w;

Omigod, I totallly know what you mean!! I feel that way more about specific figures or plush more than just any Pokemon though. Sometimes I get something in the mail and I have this odd feeling that the Pokemon doesn't like me, or I just can't connect to it. It's a strange phenomenon xD

Ikr? Greninja is so awesome! He's the first starter evo in a pretty long time that I absolutely love, all the other ones since Sinnoh haven't really clicked for me. I agree, Froakie by himself is just any other Pokemon xD I do love Fennekin though!

Yay :D Yeah, Tepig's evolutions are the only reason I didn't choose him originally >.> I don't HATE them... But they just don't really work for me. And I was upset when Chespin's evo's followed the same pattern, I was hoping his evo's would turn out more like Oshawott's :/
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