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XY Trainer OC Commission Info

closeup, bayleef

Front/back fullbody shots




Dem shoes

Not much to say here :P

Official Wants List

magma, me
Most of these things aren't hard to find, and aren't things that I need at this very second, but I'd like to get them all eventually ^w^

Umbreon Kyun Chara
Price range: 15-20 shipped

Cobalion Pokedoll
Price range: 15 shipped

Suicune Pokedoll
Price range: 15-20 shipped

Emolga Pokedoll
Price range: 15 shipped

1:1 Female Meowstic plush
Price range: 55 shipped

Delphox pokedoll
Price range: 30 shipped

Sceptile pokedoll (waiting for rerelease)
Price range: NA

Mega Venasaur plush
Price range: 30 shipped

Male Nidoran plush
Price range: Will know once it is released- probably 10-15 shipped

Absol petit plush
Price range: 15 shipped

Diancie pokedoll
Price range: 15-20 shipped

Any figure
Mega Garchomp figure
Price range: NA

Any figure
Mega Charizard X figure
Price range: NA

Any figure
Shuppet figure
Price range: NA

Any figure
Croconaw figure
Price range: NA
OC, May, XY team/trainer, and N commissions
Price range: 5-25 shipped depending on what it is

Aside from customs, I'm looking for things that are in practically any condition. Just be aware that the prices I have set are for "good-near mint" condition ^^
Hi guys <333
So my two year anniversary is coming up on the comm and I decided to make a plush collection update to celebrate xD When I first joined here I had a large collection already, but thanks to all you wonderful people I think it must have doubled at the very least!

Quick background- I started collecting when I was six and got most of my plushies from local stores. I did order things from ebay and amazon but it was normally only for special occasions like my birthday. My dad started going to NYC on business trips when I was in elementary school and since his office was right across from Nintendo World, he brought me back a whole ton of pokedollls. Once I reached middle school I started buying more and more online, and during the summer of 8th grade I came across this comm. After that happened, my passion for collecting only grew <3 I remember the first sales post I saw was __sasami__'s, and after I bought some kids from there I was hooked XD My love for Pokemon never waivered even once and this coming September will be my tenth year of Pokemon collecting!

I've made a ton of new great friends here and I'd just like to thank you all for being so awesome :DDD

Anyway, here's my plush collection! I have hundreds of figures too... but I didn't photograph them ^^;; This will proooobably be my last or second to last post this month but in August I'll show off my flats and all the custom plush and figures I have too!

Teaser Pic:


Everything else is below here!Collapse )

Have any questions about the plush or anything else? Feel free to ask! I know the brand and everything of 98% of these guys <3

Politoad Paradise~

So yesterday, a Politoad appeared out of nowhere! Before I send him off to my friend j_ule, I introduced him to my Politoad ;D

Politoad, what are you guys doing?? :o

Oh, spying on the neighbors! That's always fun :D

Next it looks like they're hanging out by the flowers.. so cute <3

Aww they're best friends already!

It's dark out now, better relax on the grass and stargaze~

Haha looks like they're cuddling together now ^w^

And staring into each others eyes is totally cool too XD

My Politoad says hi from the US <3


Pokemon things to sell~


Espurr prints (more than one available): 10 shipped each OBO 5 shipped each


Clearfile: 7 plus shipping

Korean papercrafts: 2 shipped each
Sold: Ash, Pikachu, Stand

Eeveelution print: 35 plus shipping

Goomy perler sprite: 10 plus shipping

Shiny Entei perler sprite: 15 plus shipping
Keep in mind he has a slight ironing error on his face!

Once an item is sold I'll delete it from here. Please leave me feedback once you get your items!!

Can be combined with perler sprite sales here:
And of course trades are welcome~

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013
I ship from NY
Please give up to two weeks for me to ship
No returns and I'm not responsible if something gets lost in the mail
Shipping starts at 2.00 for US and 4.00 for international
Do not delete comments, and if you commit you have to go through with the purchase or else negative feedback will be left :x
Payment due within 48 hours, unless I agree to do a hold. Negative feedback will be left if you don't pay.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone due to bad feedback, bad personal experience, etc

N collection~

I think I'll post pics of my N collection here... cause why not xD (I have more stuff than this, I just gotta go take pics of it)


photo 3(8)
photo 2(13)

Misc. keychains/flats:

photo 1(11)photo 5(3)photo 4(5)photo 3(6)photo 1(5)

photo 4(4)photo 2(10)photo 1(9)

photo 5photo 4photo 3(1)


OC info!

I decided to make a post here about future OC commissions, since I seem to be requesting those more and more :D
So for anyone who is making my OC, look here <3

So here is clothing: (and yes, this is all stuff I actually wear xD)

So the top is that black vest, and the bottom is just black jeans. The sneakers are also black xD That's the main outfit I like to use, but it changes in a case by case basis depending on the commission, so ask first before assuming it's this one! I also have an OC outfit of a purple tank top with blue jeans, and then a poofy green dress with a pink hair bow, but I haven't used those yet for commission purposes haha

Hair info: My hair is long and wavy, but not super super anime-styled long. More like average human long, down to the middle of my back rather than the floor :P
The color is pretty much the same as the pics that are posted at the bottom, but a liiitle bit lighter. My hair has natural blond/super light brown highlights in it that didn't turn up in the pics because of lighting and everything, but they're still there nonetheless xD It's really close to the pics though, so if you just make it light brown that would be fine~
I also have side bangs, the best way to describe them would be to just look at the selfies lol

Eye info: My eyes are green! Not much to be said there xD I guess I'll post an eye selfie because why not... :D

eye selfie
I'm just gonna pretend that taking an eye selfie is a completely normal thing to do

Body info: Pretty skinny/average

So yeah!

Okay, time for actual selfies!!

photo 1(4)


Omigod it's me 0_0 I swear I have more than one shirt, half those selfies were taken in the same day xD And the one with braces is from a few months ago... I dunno how it got in there.

Past commission examples:


Made By: myntii
Comments: these are absolutely adorable, I love the Team Magma one especially <3 The hair is a little too dark, but it's not a biggie :3


Made By: agui_chan
Comments: the poketime style is really cute, I love everything about it <3 This is actually a bookmark, so I'll post another pic once I receive it in the mail.

Made By: xxstarcassxx
Comments: this sketch was given as a freebie, so I colored it and now it's me xD

Made By: ktmonkeyj
Comments: I *really* like this one... it's probably the most accurate one overall. There are a few minor things I'd change, like the texture of the hair, but most details are spot-on :D

Made By: heroponriki
Comments: This user was kind enough to make me a sketch of my OC and other fav characters, so I shaded it in and added color :D


Made by: anaildapinto
Comments: I'm gonna put my pony OC here cause.. why not xD I somehow watched all the MLP seasons with my ten year old sister... I blame her.

So far that's it!

New Cosplay~

A new cosplay came in the mail a few days ago 0w0 This makes 15 cosplays that I've had/have~


And a few terrible pics of cosplaying formal Rin last weekend for a dance! I kinda did a mix of real clothes and cosplay stuff lol
I went with two of my cosplay buddies, and met up with more people there, it was a ton of fun <3


Toracon 2014!!!

So these are all my gets from this year <3

toracon gets figures

toracon gets pokemon

If any Vocaloid fans are reading this, I have an extra petit nendoroid of Rin Kagamine Daughter of Evil for trade or sale. It's completely authentic, I just got two from the random boxes. Here's a pic!


Here is my cosplay that I wore for Toracon~

kyoko 2

kyoko 7

(I don't like how my face looks in this pic so you don't get to see it XD)

kyoko 1

kyoko 6

kyoko 3

kyoko 4

kyoko 5